Assistance to Your Payroll Processing

Employer’s Human Resources, Inc, provides cost effective hassle-free payroll processing and tax reporting. We will handle your complete Payroll Processing while you focus on making your workplace better.

Direct Deposits

In most companies, direct deposit is the most popular form of payment for employees. It eliminates the hassle of going to the bank and deposits into the account faster. We offer employees different direct deposit accounts, which include:

Global Card:

This is for employees who do not have a bank account. We will provide them with an ATM card and deposit their paycheck directly into this account as requested.

Christmas Club (if requested):

With authorization, we will deduct the amount specified out of every check and deposit it into the Christmas Club. The customer will receive these funds in October, which they can use for Christmas.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH):

We will get authorization to deduct the complete payroll right out of an account the owner chooses so that they will not have to write us a check.

Assume Payroll Liabilities

If you are a business owner, you have specific commitments and liabilities to federal and state taxing authorities. When you hire our team, we assume all payroll liabilities for your company.

IRS Payroll Audits

You do not have to spend hours filling out the payroll tax paperwork, because we become the responsible party for your Payroll/Payroll taxes. We do the reporting.

Payroll Deductions and Reports

Payroll Deductions as required. We are here to make sure you are not paying out more than you should.

Wage and Hour Reports

Employers Human Services, Inc. will assist as needed .

Payroll Tax Reporting

Our team will help you meet deadlines to avoid penalties. We also file federal and state taxes by providing reports and clarifications for each step to you.

Employee Records

With the help of EHRI, we store and file your employee records, so you can retrieve and review them any time. We will process and maintain your employment records according to your organization’s rules and regulations, along with federal and state guidelines.

Our commitment to customer service and offering the best Payroll Processing possible in Arvada, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Littleton has been the key to our success. All of us at Employers Human Resources Inc. believe our clients are our top priority and being great at Payroll Processing is a close second. We also strive to give the residents of Denver and all of Colorado a great price for our Payroll Processing.

Besides specializing in Payroll Processing we also offer the residents of Denver and all of Colorado these additional services:

Administrative Services
Payroll Administration
Human Resource Services

We look forward to introducing you to our team and providing the Payroll Processing solution you need in Denver and all of Colorado. We make sure all of our employees and staff is well trained and adept at quality customer service. By calling us at (720) 314-0304 you will see what a difference there is when a company makes these basic principles the foundation of their business.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Payroll Processing today at (720) 314-0304 for all your Payroll Processing needs in Denver and all of Colorado.