Employer's Human Resources, Inc., provides assistance for all your Payroll/ Human Resource Management. We have helped many companies make their processes hassle-free. Below are what clients have to say about our services:

I have used Employers Human Resources (EHRI) for many years. I depend on them for all my payroll needs. They take care of all the deductions, quarterly reports and audits. They deal with all the tedious changes in tax rates and filing requirements. I simply submit a summary timesheet with all my employee’s hourly rates and hours worked, and they issue all payments, to all entities. They provide me with any reports I need for work comp. and they issue W-2’s at the end of the year. I personally worked in the payroll department of the Bureau of Reclamation for 10 years, before opening my own business. I am so glad I can rely on EHRI to process my payroll, even though I know how to do it myself. I can spend my time on more pressing matters. The amount that it costs for their services is well worth it! They have been indispensable in advising me in human resource matters. They have helped with documenting events, that could have easily caused many headaches and much money. They have walked me through unemployment claims and on the job injuries. I feel like they are my personnel safety net. I highly recommend EHRI to take the hassle out of payroll and human resources for all business owners. EHRI is a reliable and professionally ran customer service based business that all companies could benefit from doing business with.

Samuel P.

As a client of Employer's Human Resources, our experience has been an extremely positive one. The entire staff has been very attentive and responsive. Their services tailor-fit our many needs.
Our payroll is being processed and received in a timely manner. They file our federal and state withholding on a weekly basis and our state and federal employment quarterly for us. This service includes keeping us advised of our tax position.
E.H.R. also provides our workman's comp. and liability insurance. Because we are involved primarily in contracting work, we are often required to provide these certifications. E.H.R.I has promptly provided these to our customers.
To provide an example of how E.H.R.I has become an asset to us, let me share a recent experience. We had an employee injured on the job a few months ago. E.H.R.I made this a hassle-free claim. They filed all of our forms and worked personally with the employee to make sure his medical bills and comp. pay were paid quickly.
We at Cozy Corner would recommend E.H.R.I without hesitation. They have handled all of our human resources needs in a professional and precise manner.

Ellen H.,Cozy Corner Company, LTD
Doug has been extremely helpful and great to work with! He's always taken care of us in a very timely and professional manner and always made sure to look out for our best interests. I'd recommend him and his team to anyone!

Christine T.

I have only worked with EHRI since September of this year, but I have had excellent service from them. If I call with a question, they help me. I have had no problems, and they are very efficient. Our paychecks are always on time and are always right.

Jan R., Universal Rental and Sales

EHRI saves me so much time by handling all my payroll needs, it gives me time for other issues. They have been there for me when ever I have had a HR problem, with their expert advice.
I recommend EHRI 110%!

Ricky S.

Doug Marshall is my representative and cared personally about my business and the value not just in pricing but with the quality of the program he provided to our company and associates.
Thank you Mr. Laguardia really appreciate your support of our company Doug Marshall.

Christina Y.

I have worked with Employer's Human Resources, Inc. since January 2003. EHRI staff is very helpful with all aspects of my Payroll and Administration. I was very hesitant to hire more staff within our company until I started working with EHRI. I started my company with 2 employees, and we are up to 6.5 employees and are still growing. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Employer's Human Resources. I would recommend this company to any person that owns a business.

Craig A., Atf Heating & AC Inc.